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To The Softball Community

      This is the former site of USSSA Northern Ohio. Recently there has been some changes in USSSA and in Ohio that I just couldn't get behind or support.  My goal when I got into running tournaments was to give the players, parents , and coaches the best experience I possibly could while they were at my tournaments.  I knew that if I supplied my teams with a good product that they could believe in, that we would all grow and get better together.  With that being said, I wish USSSA and those who represent it the best of luck.  Moving forward I will be moving my tournaments, my beliefs in how things should be done for our girls who play the game, and my commitment to give all of you the best tournament I can, over to the USA/ASA softball  sanction. 


If anyone has any questions or concerns you can contact me at 330-524-9308 or email me at

Thanks, Dave Neal - YellowBall Ohio LLC

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